About Vijay Foundations

Established in 2006, Vijay Foundations is a Coimbatore-based real estate enterprise that has solidified its presence in the residential market and real estate market. Vijay foundation has worked towards a vision of building aspirations and delivering value.

Vijay Foundation is now top listed real estate company in Coimbatore, and has strategically chosen to develop its properties in topnotch localities that offer ease in connectivity, thriving social and commercial infrastructure and proximity to modern lifestyle conveniences. One of the key factors that determine the reliability of a real estate brand is its capability of delivering projects on time.

Vijay Foundations firmly believes that the lynchpin of the construction business is reliability. Team Vijay Foundations subscribe to this axiom, verbatim. As engineers first and architects the foremost, we are fastidious, giving due importance to each and every element, details, aspect and process.

The strength of the structure we create, the aesthetics of the villas we manifest, and the curb appeal we give to the exterior to turn it enchanting…everything depends on our commitment to go to the depth of the chore and give it our best to delight the customer. Our customers repose 100% trust in our capabilities and commitments. Vijay Foundation’s projects are not just about building the villas; instead, it is building a sustainable network of people, neighbors and friends.

Vijay Foundations has always made it a point to offer all our clients and investors superlative value additions and ROI. This trust is what drives us to go that extra mile to present something monumental to the community every time, exceeding our benchmarks in elegance and opulence.

Our Approach

Vijay Foundations is known for its work ethos, transparency and values. When a prospect comes to us looking for his dream house, we make things explicit and crystal clear through a demo. Wherever customization is desired, we oblige without compromising on quality of the materials being used, workmanship and aesthetics of the villa.

A trusted name in Construction

Conveniently Located

Top Notch Quality

Harmonious living

Hassle-free documentation

Affordable yet Luxurious Property

Value added

Innovative designs

Meticulous Planning

Experts at your service

Delivery as committed

All- time customer support

Our Strength

Trustworthy & Honesty

Being in the real estate business, we know perhaps better than anyone else how much people care about investing in their dream homes. Most people invest their life time earnings in real estate in hopes of owning a piece of land that would also bring them profits over time. We understand this and assure you that we will maintain your trust on us

Employee Growth

No resource is greater than human resource. Good, talented people are the most important resources and perhaps the hardest to find. We make sure that people who work in our organization are happy to be doing what they do. We make sure we offer them the rewards they deserve and do all that is in our power to make them feel important and content.

Provide Excellence

We aim for excellence in all that we do. We are certified real estate builders and engineers, and we have some of the best real estate professionals in the industry working for us. So we guarantee our best efforts in working with you to make your dream property come to a reality

Community Contribution

We strongly believe in giving back to the society that shaped us in the good place. The moment we are part of a community, it is all about giving and taking and living in harmony. It is in the DNA of Vijay Foundations to voluntarily share a part of the net revenue for the CSR initiative which is aimed at giving back to the society where we live.

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